Whitaker Construction is a luxury custom home builder in Toronto founded by James Aikenhead. Recognized for its uncompromising commitment to excellence, Whitaker’s exceptional residences are the culmination of synergistic collaborations with award-winning architectural firms and best-in-class industry trades.

Meet our founder


Whitaker’s raison d'être is to build architecturally driven, meticulously finished residences that reflect the aspirations and aesthetic sensibilities of discerning clients. Driven by passion and entrepreneurial leadership, James established Whitaker Construction a decade ago and has continued to grow and nurture his dedicated, multi-disciplined team.

“Every luxury residence we build embodies the highest level of creative expression, skillful execution and superior craftsmanship with the singular purpose of enriching the lives of our clients.” – James Aikenhead


Our Difference

Innovation, meticulous pre-construction planning, seamless communication and team collaboration are the differentiators that define Whitaker, together with a client-centric culture that espouses transparency, trust and teamwork.

Whitaker focuses only on a handful of highly curated, complex projects each year that demand the most exacting standards. James is intimately involved throughout the design-build lifecycle, providing vigilant oversight, from ground-breaking to occupancy. The Whitaker team is deeply invested in every build, navigating clients through the experience with the utmost regard for budgets and timelines, sharing a common vision.

Whitaker Construction continues to redefine and elevate the process and experience of custom home building.

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